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Head of Developer Relations

RemoteNew York City • Berlin, New York, United States$120,000 - $180,000 per yearEngineering

Job description

We are working towards a future where digital assets and identities in Web3 are platform-agnostic and multichain.  As a service provider and a community member, we are dedicated to advancing the next-generation interoperability protocol Rarimo to solve the problems of liquidity, access, and interoperability for both non-fungible and fungible use cases. Our team is internationally distributed, with members in NYC, Berlin, and Kyiv, building together in the blockchain space since 2014.


In this role, an intersection of domain expertise and external development, you will be helping build foundational infrastructure for web3. A successful candidate must have deep knowledge of at least one programming language, an understanding of smart contract integration, and experience in full-stack application development. Also, passion for the web3 ecosystem and open-source decentralization should be a strong attribute.

What you'll be doing

  • Engaging with the development community via Github, forums, technical demos, and social media
  • Building technical tools and demos
  • Presenting and engaging during technical conferences
  • Gathering community feedback to influence Rarify Labs roadmap
  • Identifying, prioritizing, and triaging issues for escalation to our Engineering teams

What we can offer you

  • Highly collaborative and supportive team

  • Fully remote position

  • Vesting token allocation

Job requirements

  • Full-stack development experience, with deep knowledge of at least one programming language
  • Passion for web3 and decentralization
  • Proven ability to work with developer-focused companies to deliver ‘wow’ developer experiences
  • Excellent communication to both technical and non-technical audiences
  • Experience and confidence with public speaking
  • Experience writing and editing technical documentation
  • Experience developing tutorial materials (e.g., knowledge bases, self-guided tutorials, videos) to onboard and educate users
  • Experience working in a highly distributed company is a plus
  • Working knowledge of information security issues
  • Systematic problem-solving approach, combined with a strong sense of ownership and drive
  • Knowledge in smart contract development (experience is a plus!)
  • Experience writing automation tools & eagerness to “automate all the things”


Why Rarimo?

The multichain ecosystem is rapidly expanding. To realize its full potential, there must be a way to communicate across chains quickly, safely, and in a cost-effective way. Rarimo is the next-generation messaging protocol that does so with critical benefits.First, TSS provides high-security guarantees at a constant transfer price. The second is the ease of integrating messaging contracts with existing dApps without much custom development effort. The third advantage is that the protocol's architecture allows the implementation of streamlined user flows: one action equals the result. The user can interact with dApps directly through the messaging protocol using the token of their choice and send only one transaction to the parent network. With network effects being facilitated through this novel infrastructure, the ecosystem can fully harness innovative on-chain uses beyond value transfer, including the communication of identity, provenance, reputation, and virtual assets proofs across the entire web3 universe.