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Web3 Community and growth (social)

RemoteNew York City • Berlin • London, New York, United States$70,000 - $120,000 per yearMarketing

Job description

Building a cross-chain messaging and interoperability protocol for digital assets and identity. Focusing on a social layer of Web3 to enable broader use cases across verticals (Community management tools, decentralized social networks, social graphs, on-chain identity and reputation systems, SSI) solving the interoperability and fragmentation problem.

We are an international team based in NYC, London, Berlin, and Kyiv, building together in the blockchain space since 2014. This role is entirely remote.

As the Web3 Community and Social Media Manager, you will have the opportunity to build our community from the ground up. You will be responsible for developing the relationships that drive the protocol's growth over the coming years.


What you’ll be doing

The main responsibilities of the Community and Social Media Manager will be to scale and manage our community, execute high-impact content & communication campaigns to increase awareness and activation efforts and support our existing and future community of developers, creators and supporters to ensure the highest customer success.

Some topics will include:

  • Manage and moderate Rarimo's online and offline community and channels: Be the community's first point of contact.
  • Engage with the community: Keep things interesting for the Rarimo community. Leverage Twitter, Discord & Telegram AMAs, online and offline workshops, and other tools to keep users engaged and updated on protocol development.
  • Educate / onboard new users and answer product questions: Support and teach the community about our product and its features. Escalate requests to the product and partnerships team as needed.
  • Deliver Multi-Channel Campaigns: Identity, define, and execute the best social media and content strategy to amplify marketing and communication campaigns.
  • Content and Marketing Distribution: Own and develop social media process, including content production, messaging calendars, and brand/product positioning, ensuring placement across all platforms while engaging with followers.
  • Content Creation: Create written and visual content for newsletters, social media, and blog posts.
  • Marketing Analytics: Set, track, analyze and report on key marketing KPIs, driving insights for to optimize its content and marketing endeavors.
  • Growth Experiments: Ideate, develop, and execute innovative growth experiments to increase the acquisition and retention of community members and developers.

What we can offer you

  • A dynamic and highly collaborative founding team of ex-Mastercard, Shutterstock, and Spotify employees
  • Remote (EMEA, US)
  • Level: Mid-Senior
  • Full Time
  • Salaries are determined by locale and experience: Range from 70k  to 120k
  • Vesting token allocation

Job requirements

  • Good understanding of blockchain technologies, the cryptocurrency market, decentralized socials and interoperability solutions
  • Experience in content creation, management, and community development
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to easily establish a dialogue


Why Rarimo?

The multichain ecosystem is rapidly expanding. To realize its full potential, there must be a way to communicate across chains quickly, safely, and in a cost-effective way. Rarimo is the next-generation messaging protocol that does so with critical benefits.First, TSS provides high-security guarantees at a constant transfer price. The second is the ease of integrating messaging contracts with existing dApps without much custom development effort. The third advantage is that the protocol's architecture allows the implementation of streamlined user flows: one action equals the result. The user can interact with dApps directly through the messaging protocol using the token of their choice and send only one transaction to the parent network. With network effects being facilitated through this novel infrastructure, the ecosystem can fully harness innovative on-chain uses beyond value transfer, including the communication of identity, provenance, reputation, and virtual assets proofs across the entire web3 universe.